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How to plan your marketing campaigns with ChatGPT?

How to plan your marketing campaigns with ChatGPT

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ChatGPT. A highly trendy concept that shook up the world of digital and revolutionised the way we think and do marketing… In this blog post, we’ll start by explaining what ChatGPT is, before finding out how you can make the most of it by integrating AI into your digital marketing strategy.

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) is a natural language processing tool. Not only did it changed the digital marketing interaction as we know them, but it also changed the way that we interact as human being.
So, what is ChatGPT used for? Put simply, it’s a tool that enable people to generate conversational content in a variety of contexts and, which look and feel natural.

The origins of Open AI’s ChatGPT

Before listing the benefits of using ChatGPT (even though you might have already guessed some of them), it is good to know that the AI tool has been developed by OpenAI, a research organization that aims to create artificial general intelligence (AGI) that can benefit all of humanity. There are already a lots of Chatbots today whom the famest are Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon).

ChatGPT is a model of of the GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer) family, which were created to improve the natural language processing capabilities of computers. GPT models have been trained on large volumes of text data, which they use to generate text autonomously and/or predictively.

Interface du chatGPT


The look and feel of the ChatGPT console

Why using ChatGPT in your marketing efforts? 

Since its release in 2022, ChatGPT has been integrated in many fields and specifically within marketing where it’s been used to create online conversations that look and feel natural.
Try to pick a website that offers real-time help – like a chatbot – and then give it a try. I bet you won’t spot any difference with a real support agent!

What are the benefits of using ChatGPT?

If I had to mention just one benefit, I would say that the biggest benefit of ChatGPT lays in the fact that it offers a powerful and reliable alternative for online customer/lead management.
Well no need to mention that it won’t replace your bank advisor just yet, but ChatGPT is already mature enough to handle most of online interactions. Its ability to converse (almost) without almost no limitation (beside the date, it can’t use data older than 2021) and in a perfect fashion that surpasses a lot of people’ writing skills, makes it an excellent assistant for companies who lack human resources to handle the customers incoming queries.
Sales can then focus on their core tasks: hunting, closing deals, customer follow-up, etc. Sales efficiency, customer satisfaction and user experience will undoubtedly improve as soon as the AI conversational tool is implemented at the heart of online activities.

In addition to the purely conversational aspect, ChatGPT is also used to improve the accuracy of voice recognition systems. For some companies, this is an excellent of getting a better understanding of their audience’s interests and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.

Now let’s take a concrete example with the car dealership. A customer asks for info about an electric car. From that moment on, ChatGPT will use this data and trigger a specific action. And on the other hand the precious data will feed a database which lists:

  • the type of car that visitors search the most
  • their preferences: eco friendly, electric, fuel savings, etc.)

All these info will serve marketeers in delivering highly targeted and personalised marketing campaigns.

As we saw it, ChatGPT can also be used to help companies and organisations to offer customer support. For example, a customer recently bought a sports but, he’s not satisfied with the fuel consumption. He then decides to contact the dealership and he uses the chat on their website. Just like in the previous example, ChatGPT will use the info shared that will be later used to run campaign about the pain points the customer expressed. Moreover, the dealership can decide to use this data to run a campaign targeted at improving customer loyalty in order to lower attrition and improve the company’s reputation.

All in all, ChatGPT seems to be a powerful AI tool that offers unlimited possibilities to explore. There’s no doubt that in a near future, every marketer will be relying on it as part of their efforts. As a marketer myself, I do recommend the use of ChatGPT. Nevertheless, bear in mind that the effectiveness of such a technology will always depend on its user first and that it must always be use for good ends.

Reach out should you have any question or if you need guidance to integrate ChatGPT in your marketing efforts.

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