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Bard, the ultimate ChatGPT alternative by Google

Google Bard

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Early released in March 31st in the UK, Bard is Google’s answer to ChatGPT. Although it is still in a development phase, the conversational AI tool by Google offers an interesting alternative that I was able to try and that I want to show you in this blog post.

A conversational AI tool dedicated to help people

It was about time that Google strikes back in response of the now famous ChatGPT with its own AI Called “Bard”. Inspired by the Celtic culture who was responsible for preserving the history and traditions of their people. They were also skilled musicians and poets, and they often entertained their patrons with their songs and stories.
But what does that have to do with anything? Well, if you dig a little deeper into history, you’ll find out that the bards was made up of literati and civil servants who held a prominent status in society by perpetuating the oral tradition. In other terms, Bard intends to use its knowledge to help people in the same way that Celtic bards helped their lords centuries ago. Yep, makes sense…

What can you do with Bard?

With Bard, you can ask anything that pops into your head, as long as it doesn’t go against its morals or beyond its permissions.
For instance, You can use the conversational AI tool as part of your work and if correctly utilised, Bard becomes very handy marketing assistant.
In short, Bard can be used for a variety of tasks:

  • to learn new things,
  • to get help with content production (work or study),
  • to get inspiration,
  • or to simply explore the AI features.

Note that Google insists on the fact that Bard isn’t human and that can’t replace your family, do your work and make important life decisions.

How to use correctly Bard?

From my perspective, there no right or wrong way to use Bard. However, it is necessary to follow a few best practices in order to optimize the use of Google’s AI:

    • Try to be as specific as possible when entering a prompt. The more specific you are, the better Bard will understand what you are asking for.

    • Use natural language when interacting with Bard. Bard is trained on a vast set of textual data and code, so go ahead, and speak to Bard like you speak to your friend!

    • Be patient! Unlike ChatGPT which been release a year ago, Bard is still in its developmental phase which means that he currently has a limited knowledge database. In a very few cases, it won’t be able to answer your question. To start using Bard visit https://bard.google.com/ or type “Bard” in your internet browser. Note that a Google account is required to use the tool.

    Google's Bard interface
    Screenshot of Google’s Bard console

    What’s the difference with ChatGPT ?

    If you ever have tried ChatGPT, the first question that you might have is:”what is the difference between Bard and ChatGPT?”

    Even the two AI are very similar, ChatGPT et Bard – which are both conversational AI tools powered by Large Language Model and chatbots – can be differentiate based on their specialities.

    OpenAI’s solution will be better at generating creative texts like poems, scripts and custom code, emails, etc. while Google’s AI will be better at treating informative questions regardless of their type (open questions, rhetorical and even bizarre questions).

    Plus Bard belonging to Google’s family, it directly benefits from decades of data gathering through Google’s web browser. Did I mention that Bard is entirely free (for now)? Its experience isn’t conditioned by any pricing plan as opposed to ChatGPT which offers to plans:

      • Free: allow people to unlimited messages, interactions, and history. Access to the GPT-3.5 model on Web, iOS, and Android.

      • Premium (Plus): everything from the Free plan plus access to GPT-4, the most capable model to browse, create, and use GPTs. Access to additional tools and advanced data analysis.

      All in all, the best AI will be the one that best serves your needs.

      Should you be using Bard or ChatGPT?

      It is hard to tell whether you should use one or the other as they are useful. However, I think that OpenAI’s ChatGPT still leads the debate. Mainly because Bard is still in its learning phase and isn’t yet capable of answering to all questions..

      Lastly, I’d like to wrap up this post with a recommendation. Do not fully rely on these AI tool as they can make mistakes. Keep using your brain!

      Reach out should you have any question or if you need guidance to integrate ChatGPT in your marketing efforts.

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